Paul’s letter to the Philippians is a letter of encouragement, reminding the believers in Philippi who were undergoing difficulties and persecution to rejoice always in the Lord. Paul prayed that the believers would grow in knowledge and spiritual discernment so that they would mature into saints who reflect Jesus Christ in every way, and who prize Christ and the advancement of the gospel above even their own lives.

The study of this book will encourage us to be of the same mind and spirit. To be praying at all times for the spiritual richness of one another. We will learn how to follow the example of our Lord, emptying ourselves of personal desire and gain, and rather obeying our God and seeking His will first, even at the cost of our lives. Paul teaches us in Philippians about the true value of all the things that we accumulate in this life. Paul calls his accomplishments ‘rubbish’, and he gladly left them in order to gain Christ. We will learn how true and lasting satisfaction comes only when we seek it in God.

We will learn in this book how to enjoy the peace of God by rejoicing in Him always. Paul wants us to pray thankfully at all times and meditate solely on those things that are right and godly. This letter is an intimate letter of love for all Christians, and it is a great example of how to overflow with joy in our lives.

Lesson 1 – Introduction  Download

Lesson 2 – The Joyful Letter (1:1-2)  Download

Lesson 3 – Paul’s Thanksgiving and Confidence (1:3-8)  Download

Lesson 4 – Ten Things That Rob a Believer of Joy  Download

Lesson 5- Essentials for Growth in Godliness  (1:9-11)  Download

Lesson 6 – Paul’s Joy Despite the Troubles of Life  (1:12-18)  Download

Lesson 7 – Paul’s Joy In Spite of Death and Flesh (1:19-26)  Download

Lesson 8 – Conduct Worthy of the Church (1:27-30)  Download

Lesson 9 – The Formula for Spiritual Unity (2:1-4)   Download

Lesson 10 – The Model for Spiritual Unity (2:5-8)  Download

Lesson 11 – The Exaltation of Christ (2:9-11)  Download

Lesson 12 – Work Out Your Own Salvation (2:12)  Download

Lesson 13 – God’s Work in Our Salvation (2:13)  Download

Lesson 14 – Stop Complaining (2:14-16)  Download

Lesson 15 – Model Spiritual Servants (2:17-30)  Download

Lesson 16 – The Distinguishing Quality of True Believers (3:1-3)  Download

Lesson 17 – Giving Up to Gain (3:4-11)  Download

Lesson 18 – Reaching for the Prize – Part 1:  The Prerequisites (3:12-16)   Download

Lesson 19 – Reaching for the Prize – Part 2:  The Procedure (3:17-21)   Download

Lesson 20 – Spiritual Stability – Part 1:  Harmony, Joy, Contentment, Faith  (4:1-6)  Download